Long-term with the Pentax 645D – A Redux

In August of 2013 I posted my experience with a shutter failure on my Pentax 645D. I was  disappointed, but what can you do when you’re now the owner of a $9000 brick? You get it fixed so it can continue to earn you money.

I approved the nearly $2000 repair estimate and off to Japan my camera went. Apparently a new shutter is not something that can be installed in the Canadian repair office.

It took roughly two months to have the camera repaired. For a full-time professional this would not be acceptable and is the reason backup plans need to be in place. Lens Rentals.com rents the 645D out for $375 for a 5 day period. I suppose as long as it wasn’t a last minute or weather-dependant photoshoot this could be a viable option. I’m not in a position to justify a second 645D body or a backup Nikon/Canon system. Borrowing equipment from friends did come in handy a couple times.

Earlier this year Pentax announced the 645Z—a fairly major upgrade to the 645D. Many sites have a full listing of the new features, however one really caught my eye. It has a shutter rated for 100,000 activations. Sounds like an attractive upgrade to me.