More thoughts on usability – Pentax 645D

As is the style with most DSLR’s these days, the Pentax 645D has a long list of custom settings. There are a couple that have become definite favourites of mine that help make creating photographs with this camera that much more intuitive.

There are front and rear control wheels (or “e-dials” in Pentax-speak). This is a similar design feature on most DSLR’s. As with many other cameras, they can be customized. For a Nikon user like myself, makes the camera faster to use since it can operate in a similar manner to the other cameras I regularly use.

I generally use Aperture Priority and occasionally Manual. There are two well thought out features regarding the e-dial customization.

1 – Separate settings for each of the exposure modes (With TAv & M, plus B & X grouped together)

2 – In Aperture Priority (Av), the front dial can be set to control the aperture and the rear dial can be set for either Exposure Compensation or ISO. The option for Exposure Compensation or ISO is particularly useful since these important functions can be controlled without looking away from the viewfinder. Great feature!