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In praise of Nikon Capture NX2?

I’ve tried to love Nikon Capture. I really, really have. However, when it comes to working with large quantities of images quickly, I always come back to Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom. There’s one client that I still use Capture for and that’s been primarily to ensure consistency with the color. So every once in awhile I come back to Capture for other work and make promises to myself that I will learn it better. Try to discover what I’m missing. (or maybe confirm the fact I’m happier not using something else)

Funny thing happened when testing a Nikon D3x. I’ve been really happy with the high ISO performance of the D3 and did not want to sacrifice that by moving to a D3x. So I shot some ISO 1600 and 6400 images on the D3x. Ran ’em through Capture because that was the only raw converter that recognized the files in late 2008. When I re-processed the files several months later in Adobe Camera Raw, I noticed the images had significantly more noise. Examples are below.


Uncropped Image


Cropped 100% view of Nikon Capture NX2 version


Cropped 100% view of Adobe Camera Raw version

I still prefer the workflow of ACR/Lightroom for the majority of my work, however those “special images” might be better served by considering one of the many other raw converters in the market.