Usability of the Pentax 645D

One of the challenges lately has been the weather. It has been hovering around zero (Celsius). Battery life is usually reduced under these conditions, however the 645D has just kept on going. I’ve shot about 200 frames on the same battery charge. Lots of chimping due to my unfamiliarity with the camera and also evaluating sharpness and depth of field. The display shut-off is set to a long-ish three minutes so I’m definitely not trying to stretch battery life. Total time to shoot these images and general wandering around amounts to roughly four hours.

The battery display has been alternating between 2/3 and 1/3 charge. Very impressive. When I’ve shot with the Hasselblad H3D-II 50 and Phase One P25, neither exceeded 300 images on one charge. This was with trying to conserve viewing time on the display screen which, incidentally, was nearly useless except for exposure evaluation via the histogram.

Although I would always carry an additional battery, I suspect the 645D could go a full day on one charge. Well done Pentax!